Lesson plans are something that varies upon grade level, school setting, and family factors of students in the classroom including culture (race, ethnicity, faith, socio-economic status, etc.) For this reason, lesson plans on this site are to be used as reference and adapted to meet the needs of students in the classroom where they will be implemented. For your use, below are additional links to resources that may be useful in your individual lesson planning with music integration.


Arts Across the Curriculum


The National Education Association compiled a brief list of lessons that the arts (dance, theater, music, etc.) are integrated with to aid student comprehension and reception of subject matter. This resource, last updated in 2014, demonstrates a recognized value in the arts for student learning.


Flocabulary: Songs and Videos


Flocabulary is an online resource that provides teachers and students with academic content through an engaging method. The videos explain the content and therefore provide students with visual and auditory representation of the material. These videos can be used for introduction, review or enrichment.


Growing Sound: Some Ways to use Music in the Classroom


This website includes suggestions of how to incorporate music into the general classroom. Additionally, there are other resources on this site about music’s relevancy in the classroom that may be helpful in gaining a deeper understanding of why integration is important.


Pinterest: Music Integration


Pinterest is a valuable online resource with many ideas for educators to use and adapt to fit the needs of their own classroom. A simple search such as “music integration” can generate numerous links that may be useful in planning an academic lesson with music integration.


Sing about Science: Lesson Plan Resource


This resource offers a search link for songs regarding math and science for various grades. Some of the worksheets and lesson plans are free, however some material is accessible only through purchase.


Using Music in the Classroom


This resource includes brief descriptions of how music can be used in the classroom. It also provides a few examples of content songs that may help introduce or review an academic unit.