It is essential for educators to consult research and stay current with what teaching methodologies are effective, efficient and comprehensive for the benefit of students. For this reason, research has been included. CORSuccess recognizes the importance of research as the collection and study of information to form new conclusions. Such research has been done and links are provided for downloadable versions of these documents.

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Music helps us learn because it will--

  • establish a positive learning state
  • create a desired atmosphere
  • build a sense of anticipation
  • energize learning activities
  • change brain wave states
  • focus concentration
  • increase attention
  • improve memory
  • facilitate a multisensory learning experience
  • release tension
  • enhance imagination
  • align groups
  • develop rapport
  • provide inspiration and motivation
  • add an element of fun
  • accentuate theme-oriented units

(Brewer, Chris, 1995)


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