Music integration across disciplines (ELA, Math, Science, Social Studies, etc.) is beneficial to student learning. For many reasons explained in the research portion of this site, music can be helpful for use in academic settings. It is important that educators utilize music to enhance student learning in the classroom. Educators do not have to be musicians to expose students to music in helpful ways. For many purposes resources such as YouTube videos or children’s music CDs can be beneficial. In some cases, it’s also okay to leave it up to the students how the music integration occurs. Allowing students to create songs about the new content is an excellent method of content reinforcement.

There are many ways music can be integrated to help students learn and retain new content knowledge. Provided are lesson plans, web links and other materials that may be helpful for planning your own music integrated academic lesson.



In which subject are you hoping to integrate music?

Music in ELA

Music in Math

Music in Science

Music in Social Studies