COR Success was established in 2015 for the purpose of being an online resource for educators on music integration. With the continued pressure on school administrators and educators to meet standardized Common Core and state standards, the inclusion of music in school curriculums is often questioned. Some states’ curriculums do not include music or include it in very limited amounts. For example, New York State’s Education Department (NYSED) has recognized the importance of music in early elementary education years and has suggested 20% of weekly time be spent on performing arts from grades 1-3. Unfortunately, that suggestion decreases to 10% in grade 4. This shows a general support for music in NYS schools, however, it is concerning that this decrease exists and at such an early academic year.

When the state education departments do not recognize the full potential of music in schools, students, as a result, may not be exposed to music unless they receive instruction outside of the classroom. Music can be beneficial to academic and developmental curriculum. It can be an aid to learning the alphabet or a strategy for relaxation when a student is anxious or upset. Music can help students work through many classroom situations in which they may normally struggle, or supplement areas where they excel.This teacher resource provides educators with the necessary tools to implement music into the general curriculum.

Music integrated lesson plans can be found on this site and additional materials that will aid music implementation in the general classroom. Additionally, there are research papers and links to outside resources that can help further explain the need for and assist in the development of music integrated curriculum. COR Success aims to promote teacher-music initiative and produce an overall benefit for students whose teachers use this resource. 


What does COR stand for? 

The name COR Success was created with three key reasons in mind.

1. “COR” in Latin means heart. Recognizing basic human needs and the importance of the “whole child” in teaching theory, it is important to incorporate music for its emotional, mental and physical benefits.

2. COR also means central. This identifies music integration as an essential aspect to elementary education.

3. COR also has a personal meaning to me. C-O-R are the first three letters in my mother’s name—the woman who has always been and continues to be my main supporter in both music and education. This project is dedicated to Correna Wilson. 


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